BioRefinery Entrepreneurship
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SIA "Bio RE"

Reg. No. 50103704121

Address: Vadzu 34, Riga, LV-1024


tel.: 29404908

SIA "Bio RE" is a group of researchers who works in a field of renewable energy, namely in biogas production from various ecological components. 

SIA "Bio RE" is a partner in a project

“Alternative use of biomass for maintenance of grassland biodiversity and ecosystem services”

The web page of the project: 

The main objective of the project: to ensure maintenance of biologically valuable grasslands by enhancing alternative, economically sustainable approaches to the use of grassland biomass as well as establishing co-operation models between farmers, entrepreneurs and local authorities, this would ensure viability of grassland management and proposed technological solutions.

Project implementation: 01.10.2013-31.12.2017

Project number: LIFE12 BIO/LV/001130

Project acronym: LIFE GRASSSERVICE

Project tasks:

• To assess biological and economic value of grassland ecosystems and available amount of biomass at the two project pilot areas;

• To assess the use potential of the grassland biomass of the project pilot areas;

• To develop area specific technological solutions for grassland management and utilization of biomass in economically sustainable way;

• To inform local stakeholders about alternative options for use of grassland biomass;

• To establish contacts and co-operation networks among land owners and entrepreneurs engaged in production of energy and various goods from grassland biomass;

• To demonstrate in practice alternative technological solutions for biomass processing to wide range of interested stakeholders thus promoting application of proposed technologies and co-operation models elsewhere.

Project activities will be carried out in two local municipalities of Latvia (Sigulda and Ludza), characterized by large areas of non-used agriculture land and abandoned grasslands, which due to lack of management are overgrowing and losing their biological value.

Project lead partner: Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia,

Project manager Ms. Anda Ruskule,

Project partners:

Latvian Fund for Nature

Riga Technical University

Bio Refinery Entrepreneurship LTD

Farm „Skujas”, Glūda parish, Jelgava district, LV-3040

Sigulda Municipality Council

Ludza Municipality Council 

Project is funded by: European Union LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity program